$47900 MBA Statistics in the University of Texas of USA scholarships online degree academic year 2019/2020

Are you aspiring to be advancing your scope of statistics? Here comes an opportunity for the fellowship from the Texas University of USA. The primary objective of the award is to increase the number of experts in the field of data modeling. The best candidate with the tremendous theoretical platform in their undergraduate program will be able to get the chance to the university. An academic review of these has propagated the growth of the economy through the various perspective of realization in that the scope leads to maximization of profit. Statistical tenure system has significantly been integrated into the modes of so many sectors of the economy to harness the growth objectivity. It’s deemed that the only student who is posed with a financial problem is most liable to acquire the benefits of the program from the Texas University of USA. In the most current era we get to know that statistics are playing a lot of; hence it requires keenness through Expertise. The University through the help of the government has become aware of the role of statistics. This opportunity is aimed at improving the field of the modeling scope and all statistical applications.

Scholarship descriptions:

About Award: The scholarships aim to promote those with statistical thither and have an aspiration to broaden the scope of statistics. It comes with embedded benefits from the University as it covers the whole tuition fee accommodation health insurance and traveling cost. All the research material needed at research time will be on offer when required by the student. Only those with effect will be accredited other broad benefits in the University.

Selection Criterion: The entire student who applies for the scholarship will be on the base of the merit. In this case, there shall be a review of the content of the proposal intended to be perceived at the end of the four years of research. A review committee will review only full dully filled documents.

Field of specialization on offer 2019/2020 academic year

  • MBA Artificial Intelligence
  • MBA Analytical theorems
  • MBA Data science
  • MBA Machine learning
  • MBA Applied Statistics
  • MBA Number theory

The requirement of the application:

You should submit your curriculum vitae

The personal statement accompanied by two letters of recommendation by the lectures

All undergraduate transcripts should be attached

Colored passport should be sent

To be taken from (Country) University of Texas

How to apply:

There is no valid way to apply, but a hard copy or virtual mode can be used Via our website of the university portal. No half-filled document should be considered.

Deadline of application: 20th February 2019


68 Replies to “$47900 MBA Statistics in the University of Texas of USA scholarships online degree academic year 2019/2020”

  1. You people i really my heaven sent to see me going back to school was my every day taught
    and i am really glade that this program came up …… i want to get my MBA in Data Science if i be giving the opportunity.


    As i look forward from hearing from you

  2. Hi i just finished my A\’level and very much in need of financial assistance to go for a degree. I would greatly appreciate the help.

  3. I am CHUKWUNWEORU OLIVER from Nigeria. I just finished my diploma in Linguistics and I seriously need help through scholarship to further my degree. Please, help me. Thanks

  4. Hello, my name is Regina,i just completed my diploma in business management and would like to further my studies,i hereby request your help to further my studies.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks for your imploring scholarships
    I am a holder of a technical diploma in Electrical and Electronics engineering inspired hands on skills in heating ventilation ,Air conditioning,refrigeration and cold chain(HVACR),shielded metal arc wielding fabrication(sMAW) Closed circuits televised camera(CCTV)
    In addition to my Electrical professional technical works

  6. am called Ekitela Lorot from kenya, i need this scholarship in order to continue pursuing my carrier. thanks in advance.

  7. Hello to this organization, I would like to request this scholarship because i really really want to finish my studies, thank you!

  8. Hi my name is Rachael, I\’m a member of Papua New Guinea Defence force, I\’m interested in your scholarship. Right now I\’m out of operations! I don\’t have my pass port ID and my carriculim Vitae with me, is it possible if I send them on March.

  9. Hi my name is Ahmed Babiker Salih I need this chance but my problem is that I haven\’t many status and I don\’t have any person in order to help me right now. For sure details because Iam in the area of war in western Darfur state as it\’s well-known. If you can help me to get the further education I will appreciate you a lot and thank God to bless you a lot.

  10. Hi
    I am student who is currently doing her inservice training.
    Next year i would like to apply for advanced diploma in farming management , i am financial disadvantaged but i would really like to further my studies, tell me what can i do. thank you in advnced.

  11. Am a Cameroonian and a holder of healthcare management diploma I think this a good opportunity for to do my degree and even master in public health.thanks and waiting for your reply

  12. I am in need of a bassery or a scholarship so that I can continue with my education I am in matric this

    thank you

  13. Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad .mahder mohammed osman omer Eritrean nationality from sudan.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea.I want to study computer science if offere me this scholarship garnts.thanks more nice to hear from you soon.

  14. I just finished my 12 in 2016.and gap myself for three due to problem. I really need do my degere in m.bbss .So I can serve my village people and special the girl who lots problem during pregency

  15. This is Mohammed Hasan Moniry , i\’m from Bangladesh , Thank you so much for this opportunity . Actually I want this scholarship so much , I want to take my bachelor degree from this university . please help me

  16. I sincerely wish to continue in data science and or analytical statistics. My country Sierra Leone is dearly in need of a specialist in these fields!

  17. I really need this chance to pursue my course in business management, I wish you will concider me for the scholarship, thanks in advance.

  18. I am a student in need of financial support. A single parent with the support from her mother who is not working for much money. I need this scholarship so that I can make things easier for me and my family.

    Please help me so that I can be the one who can make a difference and be a role model

  19. HI




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