$5000 Full undergraduate scholarships to international students in the Republic of Congo for Online courses

The ministry of education and finance of the Republic of Congo is happy to offer scholarships to the student who is ready to undertake their undergraduate degree. This scholarship aims to try and promote equity in the field of education to the less fortunate student across the globe that is brilliant. The access of these scholarships is accompanied with enormous benefit to those who will succeed. Most probably there is a free ticket to most people with crazy ideas in the pursuit of their academic excellence. It is with a limited cost that no one should be more than  18 years; Boost your application by being the first to take charge to apply for the $5000 full undergraduate scholarship to the international student in the Republic of Congo for 2018/2019 academic calendar. Interested applicants should check below on how to apply for the award.

Scholarship type:

It’s awarded to the only student who wish to pursue their undergraduate studies

Field of Study:

The scholarships are available to continue undergraduate studied in one of the following available programs

  1. Faculty of the computer of science and Engineering
  2. Faculty of Communication Networks and security
  3. Faculty of Information systems Visualization multimedia and Animation
  4. Faculty of information and computer science
  5. The study program of digital Business and informatics
  6. Faculty of Applied IT machine Intelligence and Robotic
  7. The study program of E-commerce E-business and E-culture

Scholarship benefits:

The following is covered by the scholarship which includes:

Visa residence permit fees

The return fare from the applicant home country

Accommodation and food full board at the university dorm the Republic of Congo for ten months per years as well as for July and August if the student does not return home

A monthly allowance of $5000 for at least nine month

Primary healthcare insurance

Host Country of scholarships:

Republic of Congo Africa

Some awards:

Five awards

International student are eligible to apply

Eligibility for $5000 full undergraduate scholarships to international students in the Republic of Macedonia

Country eligible for the scholarships: All African countries

How to apply for the award:

To complete the application, the applicant must provide the electronic copies from the following from the following original document;

Application form

Official high school diploma or certificate

Official transcript

Proof of English proficiency, all students whose first language is not English are required to provide evidence that their spoken and written command of English is appropriate for the program they are applying.

Send all the document through the university portal

87 Replies to “$5000 Full undergraduate scholarships to international students in the Republic of Congo for Online courses”

  1. I want a full scholarship to study education and can you please send me what are the required qualification ?

  2. i want a full scholarship to study masters in public health. already do have a degree in social work and social administration. Lilian from Uganda

  3. Already I Have Degre In Mechanical Engineeringand I Want scholarship To Study masters by One From Different Streams Of Mechanical Engineering

  4. sir i want full free scholarshi…
    Please give me a chance or make opportunity for a full free scholarshi….
    Thank u

  5. Dear Sir,
    Pursuant to your scholarship advertisement appeared in the scholarship.net, I would like to apply for it to further my studies in the University of Salford in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
    I hold a Master Degree in Transport and Logistics and would like to specialise in the above mentioned course. The tuition fees are high and I can\’t afford to pay for it.
    That\’s why I resort to your generosity for a financial assistance to carry this study project.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
    Yours Sincerely

    Kouami. AKAKPO

  6. Hi Sir, I\’m looking for a full schorlship to do MBA at Melbourne University in Australia for two years, Master in Business Administrations, people management, organizational behavior, leadership and management, entrpeuneouship. Also I have eligibility to study MBA in Singapore University., Queensland University in Australia

    Please help me with a schorlship to further study.

    direct communications to said Universities for admissions fees and administrational cost can be directed to the Universities. including my study visa to country of study or of your choice for me.

    kind regards,

    MS. Clotilda Claudia Harry

  7. my interest is to read management and become a coporate manager but for the crises in cameroon we have been out of school for close to 3yrs now. someone assist me to this opportunity to do an undergraduate course in management studies abroad.

  8. Am interested and committed to study once opportunity of full scholarship nocks on door. I want to Masters in Human resource or MBA

  9. I m very interested with this opportunity, I would like to do master in Faculty of Applied IT machine Intelligence and Robotic
    best regard

  10. Hello, I\’m from South Africa but Im originally from Zimbabwe
    My parents are currently unemployed and I really need funding to get into film production because that is my dream.

    Please assist me

  11. I need education and I am ready to be more productive and more useful in all my life depends on who I am looking for in my dreams. I live in Somaliland in northern Somalia and thank you for the support you gave.

  12. I need this scholarship grant. Eritrean nationality from sudan. I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrean in 2007.I want to study computer science if you offer me this grants.

  13. Hellow sir/madam… I was in need of taking offline course not online i want to attend to the lecturer face to face

  14. Am really interested about your offer and I will be glad if I can be enrolled on the scholarship am a ghanaia but currently living in Morocco.

  15. I really want this scholarship sir/madam, because to help my families and to uplift our standard of living back at home. I am glad to take this as an engineer

  16. am fully need a full scholarship to study my master degree in education in university of Zimbabwe. will i be the successful one?

  17. Hello there my name is Peter Nditi i would like to to have a chance to be considered as scholarships seeker for PHD degree on line studies

  18. Good news for all students
    I want to this scholarship
    I\’m 4th year University student
    My phone number +521909246728

  19. I am interested in this scholarship and I would also like to know more about it .thank you for choosing me . I am currently studying higher certificate in office administration planning to further my studies with a BED bachelor of education I als want to major in English .

  20. I am interested in this scholarship, please give me more information, how to apply? And I want to study English literature.

  21. Bonjour?,Je suis de nationalité burundaise et j\’ habite maintenant à Lusaka.Je suis vivement interresser par cette bourse d\’etude.Aide moi s\’il vous plait.

  22. Great news to all students!
    I\’m very much interested in this scholarship, i would like to pursue a bachelors degree in tourism.
    I would like to know the requirements.

  23. I have cross checked through the courses but i didnt see my study field line of mechanical engineering so hlp me to highlight for me thank you sir or madam.

  24. I am Joshua Takho Laipu. I am from Myanmar. Looking for the scholarship in the education field to bring an education to my illiterate community. I live in remotest region of Northern-West Myanmar. I am a Naga. Nagas are comprised of over 40 tribes. Among them our tribe is the most outward or backward in education. We rarely have graduates. Wile trying to upgrade the education in the community I want to be equipped in that field to be effective. Finding a favor for this will be grateful to you.

  25. i really need full funding since the only problem here is funds please fund me fully i will be grateful for your scholarship thank you

  26. I will appreciate If I get scholarship
    In Journalism and social communication.

    Thank you for such good opportunity.

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