52000 Euros Attractive online degree Scholarships for Executive MBA in the UK

The Imperial college management is offering attractive scholarships for Executive MBA. The student will receive 53000 euros for Executive Masters in International Business online programs. This aims at attenuating the management sector to the student who is willing to upgrade their studies to their master’s theorem. In many cases we can help a student from globally who are brilliant in their undergraduate degree will be able to scope up the trend in the fiscal mode. The MBA for the masters will help the student acquire full support to their research which they will narrow to specific to ensure solve a problem. Hurry up now and make your application for the 53000 Euros Attractive scholarship for Executive in Austria for 2018/2019 academic session.

Selection criterion:

The Imperial executive Attractive scholarship committee will sit down and assess all the applications which after some scrutiny only the successful candidate shortlisted. The Vice-Chancellor committee will also make sure that just that student who has exceptional academic excellence will only be accredited due to their financial need. No half-filled document from the student will be considered to make sure you send the entire report filled.

Scholarship benefits:

Student will be receiving the 53000 Euros for the executive masters in International business online program.

Also, they will be able to get the medical insurance from the university plan scheme

Scholarship type:

Scholarships are mostly available for pursuing executive master’s programmer

Host country of Scholarship:


State eligible for the award:

People around the world are eligible to apply

Number of scholarships:

Applicants can ask for more than one scholarship, but only one will be granted

  • Eligibility for the 52000 Euros Attractive award for executives MBA in UK:
  • To be considered eligible, applicants must adhere to the following;
  • Applicant must have an undergraduate degree
  • Applicant must possess have a good command of the English language
  • The applicant must have the undergraduate project

How to apply for the scholarship:

The document listed below must be submitted alongside with the application forms;

Curriculum Vitae with correspondence document of the main stages of academic records and certificates

Midterm career goals

Motivational letters for applying for the scholarship for the International Business MBA online

Proof of an adequate command of English: TOEFL (min 92) or IELTS (min 6.5)

Essay detailing the applicant’s motivation for enrolling in the study program international Business MBA but not exceeding 1000 words

Application closing date: December 27, 2018

Important to note: Kindly note that there would be no consideration for the late-submitted documents.

63 Replies to “52000 Euros Attractive online degree Scholarships for Executive MBA in the UK”

  1. I am hanan from ethiopia. I need full scholarship to study degree program in the displine of pharmacy. When you are readiness, please help me to join your cumpus? Thank you!

  2. My name is musomesa sandra
    Iam aged 26,iam from Uganda.
    i posses a bachelors degree in business management with a major in finance From Mountains of the moon University for the period 2013:2016.
    i would like to continue with my academics / career( master in Business Administration and Management) if am granted a chance for a scholarship.

    Thank you.
    best regards
    Musomesa Sandra.

  3. My Name is Wendimagegn Bahiru from Ethiopiai need full scholarship to stduy degree program in the Accounting.please help me to join your cumpus? Thank You!

  4. Hi,
    My name is Muhammad Faisal and I am from Pakistan. I recently passed my intermediate exams. I want to study further in the fields of English, International Relationships, Hospitality Management (BS Programs) through full-scholarships from european environment. It is one of my dreams and I would be very thankful if it is fullfilled. I will be waiting for an encouraging response. Thanks

  5. my name is berihun legese
    from Ethiopia
    i need fuel scholarship for master program by earth sciene.
    thanks my deer to help me

  6. Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study for further more up to university. ERITREAN nationality frim sudan .I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.since from that time I am searching for some scholarship funds to my study abroad. I am so excited to hear about this scholarship garnts .thanks again .

  7. Hi am Tibebu from Ethiopia, I want this chance to study abroad in masters of business administration (MBA) my undergraduate degree is in accounting and Finance department with CGPA of 3.26!! Please help me I am highly interested in this scholarship chance!!

    With best regards
    Thank you

  8. My name is Aderito Tenhane, i am 23 years old. i am from Mozambique. i studied political science at Eduardo Mondlane University and now i am intern at Counterpart International. I would like to continue my studies (Master). it doesn\’t matter the place, so i don\’t have conditions to support my studies. i would be grateful to hear from you

    all best wishes

  9. I need a scholarship to study a master\’s in public health.I majored in Sociology and social anthropology.I have a long experience in health promotion

  10. I\’m from the smallest Island in the world named Kiribati and I want to study architecture, please I want that scholarship to help my country in the future.

  11. Actually Iam from Bangladesh our country has enough scope for study but I don’t like their education system .my dream to settle in another country as a Middle class familian I need this scholarship

  12. Hello am Enock Zulu from eastern part of zambia in Africa i am looking forward for scholarship to fulufil my heart desire am from a very poor family and background your positive answer will be highly appreciated.

  13. I am a student in the third grade of secondary secondary science science department
    The Egyptian Arabic Republic
    Born in 2001
    I would like a scholarship to study medicine
    Please Help

  14. My name is Jibril Ahmad. I live in Ethiopia. I have BSc degree in Information Technology. I graduated from Adama science and technology university. But, I need to study free scholarship. so please help me on this issue. Thank you.

  15. My name is Hassannoor Ahmed Osman. am from kenya .I did my kcse exam last year and wanted to do diploma in clinical officer . indeed am in need of scholarship since my parent can\’t afford my fee charge. I need your helps.


  16. Je me nomme BELEMGNEGRE Serge Evrard. Je suis du Burkina Faso . Je suis en classe de Termilale F4 j\’ai 18 ans. J\’aimerai continuer mes etudes en ingéniorat civil.
    Mes parents n\’ont pas assez les moyens.

  17. My name is jose Djutala Ture Junior,Iam from Guinea Bissau. Iam an english teacher graduated as bachelor in 2009 and i did education science and teaching parxis in 2016 i would like to keep my studies so that i can have master in teaching area. If i get chance i will appreaciated very well.
    Your sincerly.

  18. السلام و علیکم میں نے گوجرانوالہ بورڈ سے میٹرک کا امتحان دیا ہے اور میرے 956 /1100 نمبر ہیں اور میرا رولنمبر 503118 ہے میرا نام HAFIZ RAZA UL MUSTAFA ہے میرا سکالر شپ فارم نہیں آیا جب کہ مجھ سے JUNIOR کا آگیا ہے براہ مہربانی شفقت فرمائیں اور میں نے گورنمنٹ مسلم عوامی ہائی سکول سمبڑیال ضلع سیالکوٹ سے میٹرک کیا ہے براہ مہربانی شفقت فرمائیں

  19. hi
    i am Mamphutlane Khanya from Lesotho. i just completed my dimploma in general nursing, currently doing another dimploma in midwifery. i wish to further my studies in this field of health sciences. i can highly appreciate a scholarship chance from you
    thank you in advance

  20. I am Shimelis Bayu from Ethiopia. I need full scholarship chance from European & Asian universities in any social science field of study\’s .please help me.
    Thank you!!!

  21. I am Elmineh Tsegahun from Ethiopia. I need full scholarship chance from European & Asian universities in physical chemistry (PhD) field of study\\’s .please help me.
    Thank you!

  22. Hi my name is Clifford
    I want this scholarship to help my family in financial and in my study Im currently a first year college student at the Philippines. I hope I can be apart of this scholarship thank you

  23. My name is jebril huseen from Ethiopian I want to get this scholarship and I\’m first year engineering student in hawassa University of Ethiopian and I scored a good results in all final exam and I need yuor help to join your cumpus thank you.

  24. Bonjour je suis étudiante en master 1 au Cameroun en chimie à l\’université de douala et j\’ai besoin de cet aide pour me spécialiser en chimie industrielle.merci

  25. I need full schorlaship to stduy degree program in the Accounting.please help me to join your campus? I don\’t have any financial mens. Thank You!

  26. @ my name is basil l wish study in Turkey study economic because l love this study and l read more books about economic intellect. I wish grant committee eccepet me. Really l need to this scholarship.

  27. interested in the study of a Masters degree in Geography, English language, Disaster management, English communication,

  28. I am Habtamu Zemene from ethiopia.i need to make my bachelor on accounting and business related course from any where in Europe or America.I am waiting your response.

  29. My name is Asrat Kolaso Kora, I am 28 years old. I am from Ethiopia. I studied psychology at Dilla University of Ethiopia. I would like to continue my studies (Master). it doesn’t matter the place, so i don\\’t have conditions to support my studies. i would be grateful to hear from you.
    Thank you for your consideration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hello am Agaba Brian, aged 25,yrs old and I am a Ugandan, completed bachelor of Tourism and hospitality management at Bishop Stuart University, and I wanted to continue on masters but I can see you masters of my course, so can I get someone to advise me in that issue. Tank you very much for your positive feedback.

  31. My name is suhayb mohamad Omar Actually Iam from somalia our country has not enough scope for study on the other wise The problems I\’m leaving in my country include no education and insecurity.
    I want and want to get the scholarship
    I\’m a student interested and also need to have a chance.
    Please and please accept my request


  32. I am James from Solomon Islands Completing Bachelor Science Majoring Biology and Chemistry and currently looking for Scholarship to continue further with my studies. Please contact me if you have Scholarship to help people like me.

    Thank You!

  33. Hi! I`m Duarte rom Mozambique completed bachelor in Environment Management. I found this way to apply for the scholarship to increase my skills inorder to support my family and country in this branch. I`ll be graetful if granted this scholarship,

    Best regards

  34. Hi! I`m Duarte rom Mozambique completed bachelor in Environment Management. I find this way to apply for the scholarship to increase my skills inorder to support my family and country in this branch. I`ll be greatful if granted this scholarship,

    Best regards

  35. I am Veli Ngwenya from the Kingdom of Eswatini I would like to pursue a course in public procurement at degree level or highest professional level. I will be very happy to receive a scholarship to this effect.

  36. I\’m Kumba sanyang from Gambia I Study Human resources management, international business communication, business Adminstration and English language proficiency I need the scholarship to further my education Please. Thank you

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