Funded Medical online degree Scholarship at University of Kolkata online medical PHD

The University of Kolkata India is one of the unique institutions with excellent grip in a field of medicine. Call it qualified tutors who can articulate all means of advancement in specialization in various sector of human body anatomy. It’s awesomely that the current regime is offering a $35000 valued scholarship to each of their student who qualifies for the award. Interested student should hurry up and secure their position in exploring the sector of medicine. The award is available as a contribution to the stipend of student registered as full-time medics in their thesis based on Ph.D. in medical at the faculty of medicine and Dentistry. The program is only offered by merit to that student who proofs their credibility in attenuating their skills and providing service in regards. Well, academic and proof of financial need should be prowess to access an upper hand in these scholarships.

Scholarship benefit:

A successful student will be accrued the interest of whole wave to their tuition fee through Euros 3500

Students will also have some monthly stipend for their upkeep in the campus and help of their research modules

The student will also benefit with other services like the University traveling plans medical schemes and co-curriculum activities

Scholarship type: Scholarships are always available for the student who is registered through the SWAN program based on their thesis PhD

The areas of Specialization

Medicine and Femur

Laboratory medicine operations

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ophthalmology and visuals

Pediatrics and Radiology and diagnostics

Study Field: The scholarship is only available for the field of medicine and dentistry

The host country of Scholarship:

  • It’s open for the Indian citizen and all other international applicants
  • Eligibility for the $3500 medical science graduate scholarship at the University of Kolkata in India:
  • To be eligible for the award the applicant should meet the following criteria
  • Applicant should have a good mastery of Language mostly English
  • Applicants must be currently registered to start as from January 2019 as a full-time thesis-based graduate student in medical sciences graduate program in one of the following department:
  • The applicant may not concurrently hold any major award $4000 or higher or any other stipend award from the faculty of medicine and Dentistry
  • Award will be withdrawn if the student finishes his or her program or ceases to maintain their full-time registration

How to apply for the scholarships

A completed current application form with original signatures and stamps should be delivered. Please do not provide us with the previous application forms for regular basis

All Indian student transcripts must include all weighted average calculator from the department you are admitted in

Two confidential letters should be submitted with explicit references.

Original copy of the application should be submitted to the office of the research faculty of medicine at the University of Kolkata

Closing dates

January 20 ,2019

45 Replies to “Funded Medical online degree Scholarship at University of Kolkata online medical PHD”

  1. i dont need online schorlarship. i need the university scholarship BSC in medcine and sudgery. how do i do it

  2. NDZI noel is y name I am an advance level holder and want forward my education in the the medical field as a medical doctor but I have a big problem which is finance so I will be happy if you help me. I am from Cameroon precisely

  3. Hello, my name is Orina Mark and I would kindly like to apply for this scholarship . I am from Kenya. Thank you.God bless you.

  4. My name is David M Rumwaropen. I need a full scholarship supporting to pursue my Master Degree Computer Science in Education Sector.

  5. Don\’t you guys give away the scholarship to people who want to study for a bachelor\’s degree in social science and humanities cause I\’m actually interested in studying that course also I\’m interested in studying everywhere the scholarship send me

  6. Hi I,m Tiisetso Mogoeng from S.A, please help us with scholarship online , you use send info without scholarship. Please send me scholarship

  7. I am a graduate in Bsc(hons) in Public health from.
    The process of applying is somehow complicated as I would like to apply to your institution.

  8. I am a graduate in Bsc(hons) in Public health from Sierra Leone Njala University.
    The process of applying is somehow complicated and I would like to apply to your institution.

  9. i really need this scholarship to study my degree in human resource management i will be grateful if given an opportunity to make my dreams a reality thank you

  10. Hie, Iam Rodgers Mkuziwaduka from Malawi. Iam a holder of certificate in clinical Medicine and like to continue with medical career .
    Therefore considered on the scholarship and share the link for application there of.

  11. Hello am a holder of diploma in public health, Disease control and surveillance, I want to continue my public health in your institution, how do I apply? Thanks

  12. Hello….i just finished my undergraduate bsc biology and biotechnology in Botswana.How do I get sponsorship?

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