Masters online course $8,500 Scholarships for African Female Students at Panamas School Of Government In England

The Government of England at panamas now pleased to offer tenacious scholarships to all international student who would wish to progress with higher education. Scholarships are available for that student who wants to pursue research in their female Masters’ diplomas or their dissertation paper at the scientific institution in England for example universities England academy of sciences national and global. The National Council established the scholarship foundation by the parliament act of England which enables to provide a scholarship for all areas of education and furthering education. The scholarship will be awarded on the merit of education Excellency by coalition board from the funds of the Applicant must not have studied or pursued any academic work in the last six months. Applicants from outside the country must meet all the standard of language with authentic proof. Foundation of the Republic of England aims to promote an international student who requires financial assistance with scholarship specifically for overseas student.

Scholarship Description

Subject list: Natural sciences technical sciences human medicine health sciences Agricultural science humanities and arts.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018

Course; scholarships are available for Candidate to pursue research on their master’s thesis or their dissertation paper scientific research in Italy

Application Procedure:

Scanned passport

University certificates for masters or undergraduate level

For descendants of forced laborers: Processing number or photocopy of the letter of information or other relevant proofs

Fully completed online application form of the scholarship should be sent including the CV plan and personal statement

Two letter of recommendation from the university lecturers

Confirmation of supervisor by a supervisor at chosen


Study Subject: The scholarship is mostly offered in diverse fields to help the student in upgrading their higher education.

Scholarship Award: The scholarship will include:

Accident and health insurance: If necessary the international agency cooperation will affect a collision and health insurance. The cost for insurance has to be covered from the scholarships.

The provided scholarship holders with accommodation at the University depending on the level of comfort ability will receive $580 per month

An applicant from countries overseas which is neither member of IT can be granted traveling allowance of up to max $357 in addition to the scholarship.

Number of scholarship: 60

Nationality: International and student from Italy

Scholarship can be taken from England

Eligibility for the scholarship:

Entrance Requirement: Eligible applicants are:

Should have an Undergraduate degree from a verified university

No learning is awarded for bachelor masters studied pursued in England panamas

Applicants must not have considered any academic work in England before six months of integration

Age limit: Masters Student should be of 29years and above at the time of taking the scholarships.

54 Replies to “Masters online course $8,500 Scholarships for African Female Students at Panamas School Of Government In England”

  1. I am in the college, doing my first year, I am doing nursing, can you please assist me with the college fees sir

  2. I have BSc Nurse and interested to learn masters program in health by using this golden chance . Please invite me through my email

  3. Hi Sir,

    Yes, I really interested in this schorlship programme. Need to do Behavioural science and leadership and management course on higher levels of study ,degrees, MBA, need assistance, please help me get one from a helping hand and with your considerations, much appreciated.

  4. I am samuel muchina pursuing bachelor of education in KENYATTA UNIVERSITY,KENYA….am still in first year…can i get this golden chance please…?

  5. I have just finished my degree certificate with Global University. And I need more clarification on how to get this scholarship work for me.

    I have read some information about scholarships for International Students and it shows that Malawi is not included on the list. would please advise on that..

    Moses Mtambo

  6. Thanks more to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad. I am so excited to hear such helpful speech from you. Thanks again nice to hear from you soon .

  7. vu le nombre de cadre de mon pays formé par ce pays
    vu le rang qu\’occupe ce pays dans le monde en matière d\’éducation

  8. Thanks alot for have this opportunity to continue my study abroad so that i can persue my masters. i would kindly request you grant me an opportunity.

  9. I need full scholarship for doctoral program in English education teaching . Please help me. Thank you

  10. I am a graduate student and I am doing my post graduation. How can I submit the form for this scholarship for the dissertation?

  11. Hi sir,
    Have just finhed my A Level[Hgher college] can i join for degree course, don\’t let me miss the chance

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