Scholarship Applications

What is the next step after applying for a college degree at an university? Apply for scholarships, of course. Scholarships, bursaries and grants are offered by universities, governments, companies and nonprofit organizations. You can apply for scholarships, which are offered usually based on academic merit or for bursaries, which are offered based on financial need.

Whatever you choose, it is important to remember, when you apply for scholarships, to read carefully the eligibility criteria and make sure your academic background complies with them. For instance, some scholarships are dedicated to students from developing countries (like Swedish Institute Study Scholarships or ICTP CMSP Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Students in Developing Countries), while others are dedicated to students from a certain country ( like American Australian Association Scholarships or Wilson Center Japan Scholar Program for Japanese Students in USA).

As there are never as many scholarships as there are students who need them, some of you might find in the situation of looking for other alternatives. Online education and online colleges are increasingly become this alternative for students from all over the world. Online colleges are a form of distance learning, which has been around for a while. Before the age of internet, distance learning was made possible by postal service, radio or television. If you think online education is the path for you, make sure you enroll to an accredited onlineĀ  university. An accredited online university will give you a degree recognized by other educational institutions.

Online education is usually more affordable, as online colleges do not involve the same expenses as traditional ones. Not to mention that distance learning gives you the freedom to organize your day as you wish, making it possible for you to work and study in the same time.

So, choose an accredited online university which offers the degree you are interested in and start studying!

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